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Domingo, 12 Febrero 2017 21:44 Escribir un comentario

My ancestry is from Spain but, alas, I do not speak its tongue. Is it possible to purchase a digital copy of my crest without the watermark?

Blasonari Lunes, 13 Febrero 2017 07:22
We do not sell anything, it is an informative website of Heraldry. I will send a PDF shield to the email you have left. I do not speak English either. Spanish, Catalan, you have to use the Google translator. Regards

Mario Aranburu Ugalde Lunes, 19 Marzo 2018 13:41
Hi Scott: I saw your message on blasonari.net about your Spanish ancentry. Pls feel free to contact me to help you out with with any text in Spanish just for free. Do you near Sherman, TX? Best wishes from Argntina.
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